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Labour are proud to now be the largest party in Local Government after a 9% swing in May's elections saw the Party take control of 99 councils.  Great news. But despite...
Margaret Bondfield was a trailblazer, and we need to recognise this!
The first woman to chair the TUC, the first woman Cabinet Minister and the first woman to be a Privy Counsellor and yet there is no portrait of her in Parliament.
Open Letter to Labour NEC candidates
Ballot papers for Labour’s internal elections drop in early August 2022. We need a National Executive who will #Lead4Women.
Labour Party Women's Conference 2022 #KeepTheGoodStuff Campaign - Labour Women's Network
In Summer 2020, LWN launched its #KeepTheGoodStuff campaign, arguing that the virtual and hybrid world made reality by the Covid-19 pandemic should play a part in work and politics indefinitely going forward, to increase women's participation.
Support Our Call For An Independent Process for Sexual Harassment Complaints
LWN has long campaigned for a wholly independent system for sexual harassment complaints within the Labour Party. The current system is subject to delays, leaks and politicisation and is failing Labour women. SO JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN AND SIGN OUR PETITION NOW!
Time to Lead
Women make up half of Labour’s membership, but are absent from leadership positions across our party. It’s time to deliver the rule change and culture change we need to ensure Labour women can lead.
Parental Leave for Councillors and MPs
Labour Women's Network and the LGA have championing this cause since 2018, along side others in Parliament and other political parties. At the 2018 Labour Party Conference, LWN submitting a motion on Parental Leave.
Sexual Harassment
For over a decade, Labour Women’s Network has highlighted failings in how women are treated within the Labour movement, and in how complaints about their treatment are handled. For almost a decade, we have called for an independent process for sexual harassment complaints.
Labour Women's Network knows lockdown has been challenging for everyone, especially women. However, for those who have been able to work remotely, some of the new ways of working have reduced barriers to workplace and political participation presented by caring responsibilities, geography, health, disability or finance.
Labour's Parliamentary selections don't work for women. We need #Selections4ThisMillennium
In January 2022, the Labour Party will agree changes to its Parliamentary selection procedures. This is good news, because currently, selections don't work for women.