Open Letter to Labour NEC candidates

Ballot papers for Labour’s internal elections drop in early August 2022. We need a National Executive who will #Lead4Women.

Open Letter to Labour NEC candidates

Are you standing for Labour’s NEC? If so please answer these questions:

1. How will you increase women’s representation as council leaders, metro mayors and police and crime commissioners? If the PLP falls below 50% women at next GE will you implement positive action and push for a manifesto commitment make AWS legal until unnecessary?

2. Will you support and promote the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Scheme and other evidenced ways of accelerating the advancement of diverse Labour women across the country?

3. How will you reduce male harassment, assault and misogynist abuse within the Labour Party and ensure women activists, staff and representatives are safe on Labour’s watch?

4. How will you ensure women are front and centre of Labour’s manifesto development and General Election campaign?

5. After over a century of male Labour Leaders and likely 3 female Conservative Prime Ministers, what steps will you take to ensure Labour’s next Leader is a woman?

6. For male candidates only, name a time you have stepped aside to ensure women can advance, acted as an ally or otherwise shared your power?

Please email answers to [email protected] or tweet your replies with hashtag #Lead4Women. Thank you for supporting LWN, Labour’s only women’s affiliate- training, campaigning & sisterhood no matter your shade of red

Responses so far

Please find a response from Jane Thomas via email here.

Please find a response from Kaz Self via Twitter here.

Please find a joint response from Nesil Caliskan and Tudor Evans via email here.

Please find a response from Luke Akehurst via email here.