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Last updated Monday, 27 November 2023

Not including sitting MPs, 45% of Labour candidates selected for the next general election are women. This includes seats where the current MP is not standing again.

67% of women candidates in England and Wales are graduates of LWN training programmes or workshops.

See below for the list of Labour women candidates selected so far.

The Labour Party is in the process of selecting candidates mainly in two types of seat:

  • those which are currently held by another political party, but which Labour could reasonably hope to win at the next general election, and
  • those in which the sitting Labour MP has announced their intention not to stand at the next election.

LWN's analysis covers seats in England, Scotland and Wales.

From June 2023 onwards all selections are on the new boundaries which are likely to be in force at the next general election.

By-election Candidates: Candidates selected in seats where parliamentary by-elections have either taken place or are forthcoming have not been included in the main calculation.

Of the 19 by-elections Labour either has contested or is contesting since GE2019, 42% of candidates are women.

Successful by-election candidates become members of the Parliamentary Labour Party and have the right to be the candidate without further selection process at the next general election. Currently 50% of new Labour MPs elected at by-elections since GE2019 are women.

Trigger Ballots: In Labour-held seats, sitting Members of Parliament are subject to a trigger ballot to enable members in that Constituency Labour Party to decide whether to reselect their MP unopposed, or whether they should invite other candidates to stand and run a full selection process. Constituencies where the MP has successfully passed the trigger, or where the trigger ballot has yet to take place, are not included in these figures or the List of Women Candidates below, but will be included once all selections have been completed nearer the election. Constituencies where the sitting MP has failed the trigger ballot will be included as and when the resulting selection processes occur.

Incumbent MPs: Currently, 52% of Labour MPs are women, and it is probable that, as in previous elections, the great majority of incumbents will stand again at the next election. The list below does not include incumbent Labour women MPs.

Labour women candidates selected as at 27 November, 2023.

(NB - constituencies selecting since June on new boundaries are ranked below by numerical size of notional majority - where available - rather than 'swing to win'.)




Camberwell & Peckham

Miatta Fahnbulleh

Lab held retirement

Dagenham & Rainham

Margaret Mullane

Lab held retirement

Doncaster Central

Sally Jameson

Lab held retirement


Harpreet Uppal

Lab held retirement

Sheffield Central

Abtisam Mohammed

Lab held retirement

Southampton Test

Satvir Kaur

Lab held retirement


Eleanor Stringer

Notional Con majority 64

Bangor Aberconwy

Claire Hughes

Notional Con majority 153

Ceredigion Preselli

Jackie Jones

Notional Plaid Cymru majority 1,202

Leeds North West

Katie White

Notional Con majority 1,860


Martha O'Neill

Notional Con majority 4,725

Clwyd North

Gill German

Notional Con majority 4,811

Clwyd East

Becky Gittins

Notional Con majority 5,727

Aberdeen North

Lynn Thomson

Notional SNP majority 6,290

Dwyfor Meirionnydd

Joanna Stallard

Notional PC majority 9,146

Blackpool North & Fleetwood

Lorraine Beavers

Notional Con majority 9,218

Ossett & Denby Dale

Jade Botterill

Notional Con majority 10,550

North East Derbyshire

Louise Jones

Notional Con majority 12,882

Morecambe & Lunesdale

Lizzi Collinge

Notional Con majority 13,165

Rochester & Strood

Lauren Edwards

Notional Con majority 14,700

Worthing West

Beccy Cooper

Notional Con majority 14,992

Gillingham & Rainham

Naushabah Khan

Notional Con majority 15,119

Stoke-on-Trent South

Allison Gardner

Notional Com majority 15,870

Derbyshire South

Samantha Niblett

Notional Con majority 16,515

Amber Valley

Linsey Farnsworth

Notional Con majority 16,897


Rosie Wrighting

Notional Con majority 17,345

East Dunbartonshire

Lorna Dougall

0.2% swing required to win

Bolton North East

Kirith Entwhistle

0.4% swing required to win

Heywood & Middleton

Elsie Blundell

0.7% swing required to win

Chingford and Woodford Green

Fazia Shaheen

1.3% swing required to win

Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath

Wilma Brown

1.3% swing required to win

Warrington South

Sarah Hall

1.6% swing required to win


Jo Platt

2.1% swing required to win

West Bromwich East

Sarah Coombes

2.2% swing required to win

Derby North

Catherine Atkinson

2.7% swing required to win

Hastings & Rye

Helena Dollimore

3.7% swing required to win


Lola McEvoy

3.8% swing required to win

Glasgow North East

Maureen Burke

3.8% swing required to win

Truro & Falmouth

Jayne Kirkham

3.9% swing required to win


Emma Reynolds

3.9% swing required to win


Juliet Campbell

4.8% swing required to win

Norwich North

Alice Macdonald

5.1% swing required to win

Filton & Bradley Stoke

Claire Hazelgrove

5.5% swing required to win

Milton Keynes South

Emily Darlington

5.4% swing required to win


Natalie Fleet

5.8% swing required to win


Anna Dixon

5.8% swing required to win


Kirsty McNeill

5.9% swing required to win

Wolverhampton North East

Sureena Brackenridge

6.0% swing required to win

Barrow & Furness

Michelle Scrogham

6.3% swing required to win

Cities of Westminster & London

Rachel Blake

6.4% swing required to win

Swindon South

Heidi Alexander

6.5% swing required to win

Northampton North

Lucy Rigby

7.0% swing required to win

Motherwell & Wishaw

Pamela Nash

7.1% swing required to win

Penistone & Stocksbridge

Marie Tidball

7.3% swing required to win

Glasgow Central

Roisin McKenna

8.1% swing required to win


Pamela Cox

8.8% swing required to win


Julie Minns

8.7% swing required to win

Shrewsbury & Atcham

Julia Buckley

9.5% swing required to win

Finchley & Golders Green

Sarah Sackman

9.8% swing required to win


Catherine Fookes

9.9% swing required to win

Scarborough & Whitby

Alison Hume

10.3% swing required to win

Glasgow North East

Patricia Ferguson

10.5% swing required to win

Edinburgh North & Leith

Tracy Gilbert

10.8% swing required to win

Thanet South

Polly Bilington

11.0% swing required to win

Bournemouth West

Jessica Toale

11.0% swing required to win

Great Grimsby

Melanie Onn

11.1% swing required to win

East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow

Joani Reid

11.8% swing required to win

Lanark & Hamilton East

Imogen Walker

11.9% swing required to win

Paisley & Renfrewshire North

Alison Taylor

12.0% swing required to win


Jen Craft

12.1% swing required to win


Jo White

13.8% swing required to win

Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East

Katrina Murray

14.2% swing required to win


Lauren Sullivan

16.4% swing required to win


Jess Asato

17.6% swing required to win


Genevieve Kitchin

17.8% swing required to win

Leicestershire North West

Amanda Hack

18.9% swing required to win

We aim to update this page weekly on Mondays, unless no selections have taken place during the preceding 7 days. If you know of any women candidates who are not on this list, please let us know at [email protected]