Why join LWN?


Why join LWN?

Labour Women’s Network shouldn’t have to exist, but we do.

We fight and campaign for women’s equality within the Labour Party, and train women ready to lead, to be elected to public office, and participate in every level of the Party.

Our training has a very high reputation - half of the current women in the shadow Cabinet are our graduates, and with over 3 decades of gold-standard training under our belts, we have trained thousands more. This has all happened through our own carefully crafted courses, the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Scheme or via commissioned training from Regional Party or affiliates.

We are fearlessly non-factional - sisterhood, no matter your shade of red. And not to boast, we host amazing events, many via Zoom.

With a democratically elected Executive Committee, we hold elections each year where LWN members can self-nominate themselves and vote.  As the only women’s organisation affiliated to the Labour Party, we take our responsibility to support, stimulate, amplify, and fight for the rights of women in our movement very seriously. 

As a membership organisation, our subs, donations and fundraising is ploughed back in to continue the good fight. 

You won’t get a cuddly toy or access to beautiful gardens, but by joining LWN, you will be part of a movement, a sisterhood, the women in the room and get a warm glow from knowing you are breaking down barriers for Labour women now and in the future, plus 

  • access to our gold-standard training,
  • nominate yourself and/or vote in our annual elections,
  • attend and participate in events,
  • invest in a feminist voice in the Labour Party fighting for women in every room, and 
  • as one LWN member said "LWN is the best part of the Labour Party"

Join us