LWN - What we do

We often get asked what we do (and don't do) and while much of this is in our constitution, below is a handy guide.  




We are an independent membership organisation, but are affiliated to the Labour Party as a Socialist Society. 

As the only affiliated women’s organisation fighting for women’s equality in our Party, our true strength is our members! 

Support individual candidates for selection.
Our training gives you the tools you may need but the rest is up to you. We’re here to advance all Labour women, not some over others. But we will celebrate your success!

We campaign within the Labour Party to call out sexism and knock down barriers to women’s equal participation, power and representation.

Engage in factional infighting.
Our membership is open to all Labour women and we actively encourage sisterhood regardless of your stand of red.

We train Labour women ready for leadership. Leadership training ready to be an MPs, councillors, AMs, MSPs, community leaders.

Provide the Women’s Structures within The Labour Party.
LWN does not run Women’s Conference, hold data about Women’s Officers or Women’s Fora, or enforce Labour Party rules on gender balance.

We provide the training and content for the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Scheme, Regional schemes when asked, and the Chris Herries Development Programme for the Co-Op.

Provide training or trouble-shooting to individual Constituency Labour Parties.
We would love to be able to offer this service across the country but sadly our resources and capacity are limited, so we encourage you to join LWN and attend our training to help empower you to lead on issues of women’s equality locally.

We have a strong presence at Labour Party Conference and Labour Women’s Conference, holding a stand, pop-up shop and events.

Whether on education, the economy, or foreign policy. This is because Labour women’s views on these issues are just as diverse as men’s and we are kept busy with our core mission to fight sexism and reduce barriers to women’s equality in The Labour Party.

We represent the views of our members to the NEC Women & Equalities Committee; SocSoc (the umbrella group for Socialist Societies); and at other levels within the labour movement.

Never give up! 
We live by the manta “Nether the less she persisted”, and we persist.

We work alongside and support other women’s organisations and trade unions seeking to improve women’s participation in democracy, at home and abroad.


We create sisterly spaces where Labour women can come together to meet, share ideas and support one another via events (mainly on Zoom).


We have to fundraise to ensure we are able to continue LWN’s work for as long as it is needed.


We follow the political impact of our training graduates and celebrate their successes.


We hold national training sessions at venues across the country.


Hold annual elections - LWN members elect our Executive Management Committee and Officers through our elections - on a two year cycle – annual, which is reported back to members at our AGM.


We promote wider diversity and inclusion within the Labour Party.


We promote sisterhood, whatever your shade of red.