What they say about us



Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Labour Party

"I won’t rest until at least 50% of our Shadow Cabinet are women, 50% of the next Labour Cabinet are women and 50% of Labour’s MPs are women too. And that’s got to spread throughout our party including councillors and members of the House of Lords as well.

"That’s why the Labour Women’s Network is so important – because it’s saying to women across our party and society ‘come in and let us help you to become the people who represent our party’. That’s why I support Labour Women’s Network."



Baroness Jan Royall, Shadow Leader of the House of Lords

"We need women who can make legislation knowing what it’s like to be a woman in Britain today.  That’s why Labour Women’s Network is so important."






Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, former Labour MP, Minister and first female Home Secretary

"For me, Labour Women’s Network is about two things – getting Labour elected and making sure that the Labour team is the strongest it can be.  That only happens when women are at the heart of the team.   To make that happen, you need to develop Labour women and make sure they’re involved.  That’s what Labour Women’s Network is successfully doing."



Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP, Labour MP for Don Valley, former Labour Minister and Shadow Energy Secretary

"I’ve been in lots of jobs in my life when, as a woman, I’m in a minority in the room.  Knowing you can call on Labour Women’s Network really helps."




FM232.pngFiona Mactaggart MP, Chair of PLP Women's Group

"I wouldn't have had the determination needed to win selection to stand for parliament in Slough without the support of LWN. And a great thing about LWN is that they were able to support other women who were competing against me without compromise. Women make a great difference to parliament and LWN makes a great difference to the number of Labour women who can win seats in Parliament."




Yvette Cooper MP, Labour MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, and Shadow Home Secretary

"Looking back over the last year, it is amazing to see what LWN has achieved. If LWN can achieve so much in just one year, it’s hard to imagine just how much impact the hard work of LWN has had on our Party since it was founded a quarter of a century ago - and even more exciting to see where the organisation will go in the future.

"LWN has gone from strength to strength over the past 25 years – but I want it to go even further. We need to train more women and work to get more women involved at every level of our Party. Together we can campaign harder to change the face of our party and change the future polices of our country."



Rachel Reeves MP, Labour MP for Leeds West and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

"Parliament is supposed to serve the country as a whole – and unless parliament looks like the country it serves, you won’t have that representation.  That’s why I support Labour Women’s Network."




Baroness Glenys Kinnock

"I always used to say to women ‘why don’t you stand for local government, for the European Parliament or for Westminster?’  And they would always say ‘why me?’ I always said ‘why not you?’  That’s what Labour Women’s Network says too."





Luciana Berger MP, Labour MP for Liverpool Wavertree and Shadow Minister

"I would strongly recommend the Labour Women’s Network training weekends to anyone who is thinking of putting themselves forward to be either a councillor or an MP."