How to be a Parliamentary Candidate:
Understand the Process & Run a Winning Selection Campaign


Labour Women's Network has a long tradition of providing gold-standard, subsidised training opportunities for our members, and over recent years this has opened up to non-members.

Our training enjoys a very high reputation and we always aim to run the best possible events for participants.

We have a very long list of training graduates now making change at all levels in the Labour Party.  Click here to see just a few. 

At the 2019 General Election, we were extremely proud that of the record breaking 53% of Labour candidates who were women, 20% were graduates or alumnae of Labour Women’s Network training.

Due to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have given considerable thought to how we can provide training that is just as effective and impactful via a digital platform (Zoom).

We are now delighted to announce the first of our new online training programmes. (If these aren't for you, watch this space - there will be more coming in the New Year.)

  • How to be a Parliamentary Candidate: Understand¬†Labour's Selection Process
  • How to be a Parliamentary Candidate:¬†Running a Winning Selection Campaign

*** Please read on to find out more and how to apply ***

These workshops are for women who have an interest in standing, or who have previously stood, as a Parliamentary Candidate. They are an introduction (or refresher) on how the process works and how you campaign in a Parliamentary selection.

You can do one or both workshops in whatever combination of dates suits you. However, please note the closing dates (below) for applications. Once sessions are full we will add applicants to a waiting list; if there is sufficient demand we will be repeating both sessions in the New Year.

Places for each workshop are limited to a maximum of 15 attendees, and the sessions will run for approx two hours each.

We normally expect participants to have at least one year’s membership of the Labour Party before doing this course; this is because most people need a basic working knowledge of the Party in order to benefit from what we offer. However, in exceptional circumstances we do accept applicants with less than this so please still apply and explain in the Personal Statement section of the form why we should consider you.

There is a small and subsided charge for these workshops. You can do one or both in any combination (for example, 2 evenings, or 1 evening and 1 Saturday morning), subject to demand. Please note that if you cannot commit to any of these dates, but still wish to be added to the waiting list for any dates which become available in the New Year, you should still complete the application form, ticking the waiting list option in the appropriate section.

The dates we are currently offering in 2020 are:

  • 17 November (Tuesday evening, 8-10 pm) - Understand Labour's Selection Process
  • 19 November (Thursday¬†evening, 8-10 pm) - Running a Winning Selection Campaign¬†

The application deadline for the above two dates is 1 November 2020.

  • 5 December (Saturday morning, 10 am to 12 noon) -¬†Understand Labour's Selection Process
  • 12¬†December (Saturday morning, 10 am to 12 noon) -¬†Running a Winning Selection Campaign

 The application deadline for the above two dates is 22 November 2020.

However, please note that these dates are subject to change, increase or cancellation depending on demand.

There is a charge for these courses:

LWN members - £5 for one course, £7.50 for both

(if you are not currently a member and wish to apply as an LWN member you must have joined us before submitting your application).
Non-member - £10 for one course, £15 for both
Our Solidarity rate - £15 for one course, £30 for both
(this adds an extra donation on for our training and campaign work).

Fees are to be paid into our Unity Trust Account and must be paid no more than 5 days after receiving email confirmation should you be successful.

Fees and Safeguarding

All LWN’s training opportunities are heavily subsidised by LWN membership and fundraising income to reduce financial barriers to participants. 

Covid-19 (and the 2019 General Election) hit LWN's training plans, finances and our ability to fundraise hard, and whilst training via Zoom has fewer overheads, it still has several associated costs. We have set these sessions at what we believe to be a very fair price for the time spent developing the delivering the training.

These courses will not be recorded and everything said will take place in confidence.  Like all LWN events, our training will be conducted in an atmosphere of sisterly respect. Abusive or inappropriate behaviour (including offensive screen backdrops/display names) will not be tolerated and participants may be removed at short notice and without refund. Thank you for helping to keep LWN training and events abuse free.

Please note: You are able to fill in the application form via your mobile phone or tablet however it is much easier on a laptop - click here for the application form. For those who have applied, we will contact you via email once the application deadline (1 November or 22 November) has passed.