Margaret Anslow

email: [email protected]

phone: 07852494981

I have a BA degree in History, Economic, Political & Social, covering initially Scotland, but then also Europe and America, hence my interest in the Labour Party History & Scotland.  

I have worked in the transport industry for the last 19yrs, in particular the railways in operations, maintenance and Health & Safety.  During my time working on the railways I've been involved at various levels in the trade union for last 16yrs. During this time I have been a Health & Safety Rep for 16yrs, an Industrial Rep for 14yrs, an Equalities Rep for 7yrs and on the Executive Committee of my union for the last 5yrs, during which time I've regularly attended the Scottish TUC Congress each year. I was also the first recipient of the 2003 H&S Rep award for Transport and also the 2007 Equalities award. 

As to animal welfare, it is a matter dear to my heart through my great love of animals, hence my monthly donations to such charities, having owned a number of dogs over the years.

Subjects: Animal Welfare, Equalities (Women), Labour Party (Labour History), Scotland, Trade Unions, Transport

Regions: North East, North West, Scotland