Help us share more power in the Labour Party

Thanks to you we have reached over 1,000 signatures on our #powerpledge, which calls for Party members to share their own power to help secure equality. 

To help us get more signatures - and to get CLPs and Labour groups signing too - please take one or more of these three actions:

1. Print Out our Petition Form

Print out our petition and take it to your next CLP, all member meeting or next Labour Party function.  Once it’s full, please scan it and send it back to [email protected] (if you can’t scan it back, email Jane and we will sort something out). Click here to download the PDF.

2. Download Our Campaign Letter

Download our suggested letter and get your CLP Chair or Labour group leader to personally support the #powerpledge and work towards getting your CLP or group to formally adopt it. We would love to know when and who you have sent this to, and what they say, so please let us know on [email protected].

3.  Take the #powerpledge

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, then please sign it here.