Womens Workshops

We have decided to pause this for the time being so can assess how it is going.


When we asked you what you wanted us to do more of, local training was very high up the list.

So at Conference 2015 we launched Labour Women’s Workshops - a scheme to help local Women’s Forums, Women’s Officers and Local Government Campaign Forums to book an LWN Accredited Trainer to come and run workshops with women members.

 Our first tranche of Workshops will cover:

  •  Applying for the Panel of Council Candidates - for anyone who’s thinking of applying for the Panel, or who you would like to encourage to apply.
  •  Party Officer Skills - for women who either are, or want to be, an officer in their local branch or constituency Labour parties. It will include help and advice for Chairs, Secretaries, Women’s Officers, Treasurers, etc. as well as ideas for how to get the most out of meetings.
  •  Public Speaking - for any Labour woman who wants to improve her public speaking skills.

Workshops are free to both your organisation and the participants, but we do ask that you pay the Trainer's expenses. She is likely to be from your region, so they shouldn't be very much.

We are only able to offer this service because, like all LWN activity, it is heavily subsidised by our members. We therefore ask all women using our training to join (if they're not members already) - the more members we have, the more we can do to support women to exercise their power and agency in the Labour Party. If you are not a member, you can join here.

 What we do: 

  • provide an Accredited Trainer;
  • advise on setting the Workshop up;
  • supply all materials and paperwork.

What you do:

  • book the room;
  • find the participants;
  • pay the Trainer's travel expenses;
  • join LWN yourself (if you're not already a member) and ask your participants to do the same.

    It is helpful to both trainer and trainees if you are able to provide a projector screen that our trainers can connect to their laptop.  Also, the venues must be accessible to all.

The next step - Book A Trainer:

Click here to download the information form.  This needs to be completed and returned to Jane at [email protected] (most people print it out, fill it in and scan it back). 

Jane will get back to you as soon as we can to make the arrangements.

Please give at least 4 weeks’ notice from when you would like the training - if not more.  All our trainers are volunteers and are active in the Labour Party and their community, so the more notice we have the better chance of getting your preferred date.

If you think you would like to become an Accredited Trainer yourself you can find out more about how to apply here.

Please note that LWN courses and workshops are open to women members of the Labour Party only.