What Our Graduates Say

angela_rayner.jpg"Having the support of the wider LWN was a real strength which enabled me to speak up and gain the confidence to champion the issues that matter to me and my community.

Not only was LWN a rock to cling to in some difficult times, the team were able to give me practical guidance regarding how to achieve my goals in my career & daily life. Any sister contemplating being involved in our Labour movement would find the LWN a huge support and advantage.

I'm proud to be an alumni and member." Angela Rayner MP, Deputy Leader and Chair of the Labour Party

Sophia James

"There isn't a better way to spend a weekend than with these inspiring sisters from the #lwnsummerschool. Thanks @LabourWomensNet for organising such a phenomenal event! #feminist #Labour" Cllr Sophia James, Reading




“Graduated from @LabourWomensNet Summer School today. Proud to call such a phenomenal bunch of women, Sisters. Special thanks to the trainers for being so brilliant & inspiring brilliance #lwnsummerschool” Lauren Kinsey, Cwmbran, Wales



Cllr Rakhia Ismail

“Truly inspired by all this amazing lovely #sisterhood #Lwnspringschool”
Mayor Cllr Rakhia Ismail, Islington, London



Sharon Thompson“Jo Cox Women in Leadership is more than simply a programme! It is a catalyst for change, growth and solidarity for those on the programme and more importantly those whose lives they impact on a daily basis.  

I feel incredibly blessed to be apart of cohort 3 and have access to such thought provoking training, honesty and tools to help me. I have returned a more confident woman who can use her voice more effectively. The beauty has been watching my other Jo Cox sisters do the same. Despite being located all over the UK we encourage each other daily. Thank you LWN for planting such incredible seeds of wisdom!” Cllr Sharon Thompson, Birmingham

Emily T

“We have to keep working, and we have to keep pushing, and we must never give up until we have true equality in our Party and until we have a Party that properly recognises the huge contribution that women make- and the fact is that we hold up the sky!”  Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow International Trade Secretary



“I took so much from this course not least meeting some incredibly inspirational women. I would recommend #lwnwinterschool and LWN membership to any woman in a heartbeat.” Aamna-Sardar Masud, Leicester



"Having a brilliant time so far at #lwnspringschool I❤ love being in a room full of inspirational (@UKLabour) women! If you're not a member of the @LabourWomensNet, please join to support women in becoming leaders! Beckie Gittins, Coventry




"I wouldn't be where I am today without the training and support I received from LWN. It was critical for me in helping me determine my goals and in developing a network that has truly stayed with me and helped me every step of the way. Becoming an elected representative is as much luck as it is judgement and hard work. LWN is second to none in helping with judgement and advice about how to build the experience and contacts to get through.

And once you reach office, LWN is there to help you keep your feet on the ground and stay connected with women in the party in Parliament and across the country."  Seema Malhotra MP, Shadow Minister for Employment


"The selection was a grueling few weeks, but it worked out very well in the end. I'm so  grateful for LWN support – it did make a real difference and meant that I knew what to expect.

I'd recommend any woman thinking of being a candidate to do this training." Joy Squires, Labour’s PPC for Worcester 



"The training was as good as my best expectations. The honesty about political life was blunt but not brutal, and the information we were given was comprehensive and well-presented.

It really gave us space to think about things, and the practice and feedback was invaluable." Emma Burnell, Labour blogger


annaturley_5475e20069dad.jpg“The Labour Women’s Network (LWN) is a fantastic organisation that encourages and supports women from all different backgrounds into politics. Personally, the LWN helped me to realise my potential, and I made good friends and met some really inspiring people.

I would really recommend joining the LWN and signing up to their graduate scheme. Once you do, you won’t regret it!" Anna Turley, Former Labour MP for Redcar