NEC Review

Kate Green MP (Shadow Minister for Women) and Ann Black (NEC Member) have recently sent out a consultation survey to women members. They're asking people to complete it, and to look at the issues raised in their discussion document. We're hoping that as many LWN members as possible will participate, and encourage others to do so also.

You might also know that Labour's Deputy Leader, Tom Watson MP, is going to be conducting a review of a number of aspects of how the Party works, and included in this will be how it works for women.

LWN has contributed to every Party review for many years, and this one will be no exception. The Management Committee consulted LWN members last year about various aspects of women's participation in the Party, and, taking into account a number of other factors (such as the content of previous submissions, and how far we have progressed over the last few years) has drawn up the submission it will be making to the new Review.

We've covered four areas - Grassroots Equality, Fair Representation, Gender-Balanced Leadership and An Equal Voice.

You can download the submission here.

If you have comments you wish to make you are welcome to do so, but we need them by 30 April 2016. You can email them to us at [email protected]

LWN believes that it is vital that women's interests are taken into account when the Party undertakes reviews like this, and that changes have the effect (whether intentional or unintentional) of increasing women's power and agency at all levels and in all parts of the Party. Our submission is intended to promote this aim.