She Should Stand

Are you thinking of running for the LWN Committee? I do hope so! We’re a great bunch of people who are working hard together to achieve equality for women in our party.

But if you’re anything like me – or like many of the women who have come through our training – you might be asking yourself if you’re “good enough”, if you’re “the right candidate” – you know, all those questions men rarely ask themselves before throwing themselves at an opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Well let me clear up the first question right away: Yes Lady, you are good enough.

The right candidate is a trickier question. The answer is almost certainly yes. But it’s probably not as simple as you think. 

We’re a working committee. As a very small and mostly voluntary led organisation we need people who can commit to delivering and can commit to spending time and effort on our projects. We want to continue to deliver at the high level we currently do. We’d like to do more – we’d always like to do more! How can you help us to do that? 

Tell us what you’d like to offer. Tell us about the gaps you've spotted you know you can help us plug. Tell us about your fundraising experience or your membership recruitment and management ideas.

The right person isn't necessarily the political insider – whose on every committee and out at a different meeting every night (though if you are that person, don’t be put off standing if you honestly believe you have the time and capacity we need). If you have no background on political committees but a burning commitment to the importance of admin (don’t laugh – some of us do and very valuable it is too!) you could well be our woman!

We need talented women. We need organised women. We need women who can and do get things done. We need your time, your energy and your boundless enthusiasm. 

If that sounds like you, then please run for our committee – and I look forward to working with you!