Power Pledge

Women make up nearly half of Labour's membership, but are absent from leadership positions across our party. Women aren't held back by a lack of skills or a lack of confidence, but because our society and our institutions systematically withhold power. All parts of our movement have to play a part in changing the balance, so I pledge to share my own power and campaign to ensure more of it ends up in women's hands.

I will:

  • Defend the principle and active implementation of all women shortlists and other positive action measures
  • Campaign to ensure our leader keeps his promise to #leadforwomen, including changing the rules to ensure 50:50 representation at every level of the party
  • Refuse to organise or appear on an all-male panel
  • Reject all forms of intimidation and harassment online or in person, and campaign for tough policies to tackle it
  • Recognise and act on the specific barriers facing LBT, BAME, disabled and working class women and work to create a Labour Party which does even more to draw strength from our diversity Join the Labour Women's Network as a member or supporter