Women in Labour Local Government

Labour Women's Network has been concerned for some time by the seemingly low level of women in leadership roles in Labour Groups.

We have looked at the make-up of 100 Labour Groups in Labour-controlled Leader and Cabinet/Executive style councils in England, and what we have found is a cause for real concern.

  • While 40% of Labour councillors on Labour-held authorities are women, only 20% of the leaders are women
  • Nearly two thirds of labour local authorities don’t comply with the Party’s own rules on gender representation, with half missing the target by more than 5%
  • Women are more likely to promote other women. 50% of women leaders have cabinets which are 50% or more female, compared to 11% of male leaders
  • In one Council - Crawley - there are no women portfolio-holders at all, despite 21% of Labour councillors being female

You can read the full report here, where you can also look at our list of best and worst performing Labour groups. Please note this report was updated at 1pm on the 8 March 2016 to rectify an error.

If you agree this isn't good enough, sign our petition below.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Party:

  • Takes immediate action to enforce rule 13.vi.1 in all Labour Groups
  • Enforces its positive action requirements in all local government selections
  • Takes urgent action to address the serious under-representation of women at leadership level in local government