Lead for Women

During the leadership contest, Jeremy Corbyn signed our pledge to #leadforwomen. We are now campaigning to make sure he keeps his promise to.

  • Defend the principle and implementation of all women shortlists
  • Take action to ensure boundary changes don’t reduce the number of women MPs
  • Ensure 50:50 representation in the shadow cabinet (including the four great offices of state)
  • Support a rule change to ensure 50:50 representation across all party committees
  • Ensure the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities is a standalone brief
  • Support the introduction of a comprehensive policy against sexual harassment
  • Ensure Labour publishes data about the diversity of its candidates
  • Ensure gender balance and equal pay in his senior staff team
  • Ensure Labour women have a formal voice at every level of the party
  • Refuse to speak on any all male panels and reject the use of gendered language
  • Support a change in the future so that there is at least one woman in Labour’s leadership team.