How we work


Labour Women’s Network is a membership organisation.


Our members are women who are members of the Labour Party, and we also welcome trade unions and socialist societies that are affiliated to the Party to join as affiliated organisations. We also invite men who share our values to join as supporters.

Our work is guided by our mission statement:

Labour Women’s Network exists to secure the election of more Labour women to public office at every level and to support Labour women to play a full part in the Party.

We are run and funded entirely by volunteers, and our work is guided by a management committee that is elected at our Annual General Meeting. Our AGM is usually held at Labour Party Conference, and the next one will be in Brighton this September.

In 2013, we are working to fulfil these four objectives:

  1. Contribute to achieving a substantial and sustained increase in the number of women selected and elected to represent Labour at every level of public office.
  2. Campaign on internal Party policy, culture and practice which impacts on the election of more women into office and on women’s ability to play a full part in the Party.
  3. Be a power in the Labour Party.
  4. Build and maintain a network of empowered and resourced Labour women able to fulfil their potential in the Labour Party and in wider progressive politics.