2013 Round Up

2013 has been an incredible year for LWN. From training, to political conferences to trade union affiliations - this has been one of the busiest years in our history. 

We want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your work and support in helping LWN make all of this happen....

In 2013, together we have:

1. Held 8 training weekends all over the country, training almost 100 women on our Aspiring Candidates Course.

2. Been presented with an award by Labour's NEC at Labour Party Conference for 'engaging more people and building innovative campaigns'.

3. Held not one, not two, but three Political Conferences, in Manchester, Glasgow and London.

4. Seen 28 LWN Graduates get selected to fight the General Election or the European Election for Labour.

5. Launched trade union affiliations, and welcomed Community, CWU, Musicians' Union, TSSA, UCATT and UNISON on board.

6. Celebrated as LWN Graduate Emma Lewell-Buck became Labour’s newest MP.

7. Held the third Annual Margaret Bondfield Dinner, raising thousands of pounds to invest in training more women.

8. Run the #panelpledge campaign at Labour Party conference, convincing figures from across the labour movement to pledge to never appear on an all male panel.

9. Held a exclusive round-table event for LWN members with top US Democrat Tara McGuiness from the Center for American Progress.

10. Launched a shiny new website to help us campaign and communicate better.

11. Held training events in Scotland and Wales, helping more women get involved.

12. Involved more members in our movement, with our biggest ever elections, in terms of number of candidates and number of votes cast.

LWN gets no central funding from the Labour Party, so we've achieved all this thanks to your generosity and the hard work of volunteers. So, thank you.

This year we've fundraised successfully for a part-time member of staff, but we need to keep raising money if we are going to grow our Network.

It costs LWN £300 for every woman that we train. Every single pound our members contribute today will help us to train more women, and to campaign for change in our Party.

That's why, as well as saying thank you, we're asking you to help us do all of this again, and more, in 2014.

If you can, we'd really appreciate it if you could make a small donation to LWN, so that together we can keep working to make sure women can play a full part in the Labour Party

You can donate at www.lwn.org.uk/donate

Thanks for your support this year. Together we can make 2014 even better