We are pleased to announce that our first in-person training event since March 2020 will be our highly successful, 'How to be a Parliamentary Candidate' course.

This course is aimed at women who are thinking about standing, or who have previously stood, as a Parliamentary Candidate. This is a great introductory or refresher course on how the Parliamentary process works and how you campaign in a Parliamentary selection.  It will include preparation, homework, handouts and checklist (and will save you hours of time pre and during selections).

This course is delivered by LWN expert women trainers, including former MPs. who have lived through the process of selections, elections and re-selection.

Having listened to feedback we know that some women are eager to get back in the room.  So with Covid-19 still around we hope to have found a happy medium until we can re-start our residential weekends again.  This course will be a one-day in the room.  If you would prefer to attend the course online please click here for details. 

The event will consist of one full-day in person training at an award-winning City Centre conference venue which is a short walk from a Manchester mainline train station.  The course fees include training and all refreshments including tea/coffee on arrival, lunch and unlimited snacks and drinks throughout the day, plus stationary and any handouts.

We will adhere to all Government Covid-19 guidance and may ask participants to adhere to our our own Covid-19 guidelines.

Our first course will take place on;
Saturday, 20th November 2021, Manchester City Centre 
Doors will open from 9am (training will start promptly at 9.30am and the day will conclude by 5.30pm)

The deadline for applications for this specific course is noon on Sunday, 31st October 2021.  More dates will be added if the demand is high. 

Please be aware that we are a dedicated but small team so are unable to travel to every town or City.  If and when new dates are added we will move around the country.  It's also worth pointing out that finding venues that meet the needs of all delegates, in terms of accessibility and dietary requirements (and being close to a mainline station) is extremely important to us but can limit choice and can be more expensive.  

LWN Membership and Course Fees

All LWN’s training opportunities are heavily subsidised by LWN members and our fundraising efforts, therefore this course is only open to LWN members.  If you’re not a current member of LWN, you will need to join prior to submitting your application form, you can JOIN HERE, and you must continue in LWN membership for at least 12 months. 

The charge for this course is;
*** LWN Member Rate *** £40, or our

*** Our Solidarity Rate *** £60 We really appreciate this as it adds an extra donation which goes towards our bursary scheme, training programs and campaign work.

Fees must be paid in advance, by the deadline set by LWN, should you be successful.  

*** Jean Black Bursary Fund ***
Our Jean Black Bursary Fund is open to any LWN members who is on a low-wage, on benefits, or a single parent.  If you are successful in gaining a bursary place for this course, the cost will be reduced to £5.  If you wish to apply for the bursary, please fill in the application form and complete the relevant section.

To get the most out of this training, participants need to have at least one year’s membership of the Labour Party before doing this course; this is because you need a basic working knowledge of the Party in order to benefit from what we offer.

Just a few of the comments we've received from graduates of our courses: 

***** Absolutely loved the course, I found it extremely useful for my own political development *****
***** It made me feel like I was making progress in an otherwise fairly stagnant period *****
***** It was like gold dust *****

From experience we know there is a very high demand for this training and each course has limited places, hence why we have a rigorous application process.  We advice you to get your application in as soon as possible, think about your strengths and weaknesses, shout about your achievements, share your aspirations and let us know how our training may assist you in the future, all in the application form.

Why We Charge and Safeguarding

All LWN’s training opportunities are heavily subsidised by LWN membership and fundraising income to reduce financial barriers to participants.  Covid-19 continues to hit LWN's training plans, finances and our ability to fundraise hard, and whilst training via Zoom has fewer overheads, it still has several associated costs.

We continue to set our prices well below market value - not because it's not fantastic, gold-standard, expert training but because we want all Labour women to access it - it's not uncommon for similar courses to cost hundreds of pounds (and more!). 

However, we have set a solidarity rate too which adds an extra donation to help us continue our training and campaign work and adds to our bursary fund, therefore if you are able to, please consider paying the solidarity rate.

We spend a lot of time ensuring that our training and events are the best experience for everyone and 
conducted in an atmosphere of sisterly respect. 

We strive to make the training a positive experience for everyone - so we expect you to treat everyone with respect, acknowledge that everyone deserves to be heard, and that we all have the right to enjoy our experience without fear of harassment, discrimination, or condescension, whether overt or via micro-aggressions.

Abusive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and participants may be asked to leave without refund.

Everything said in our training either by trainers or trainees is said in confidence.

Intellectual Property - We do NOT record training sessions and ask that you do not attempt to record the course either, and that you do not try replicate or reproduce LWN training or our materials without prior written permission.

With Covid-19 still around, we  will adhere to all Government Covid-19 guidance and we ask that you read our own LWN Covid-19 guidelines before applying.  Click here to read of Covid-19 Guidance.

We often take photos to advertise future courses on our website, materials or social media, our lead trainer will announce this before any photos are taken and will get consent at the start of the day.

Thank you for helping to keep LWN training and events abuse free.

Please note: You are able to fill in the application form via your mobile phone or tablet however it is much easier on a desk/laptop - please click here for the application form.