Labour Women's Network provides a range of training opportunities for women in the Labour Party, and we are currently developing more.

Our training enjoys a very high reputation, and we always aim to run the best possible events for Labour Women's Network members. 

   Our Training Programmes:


Foundation Day

Our brand new Foundation Day is ideal for women who may want to think about going into public life but want to know more about it, or are quite ready yet for our residential course. It covers all the basics and provides an excellent grounding for women at all stages of political development. It's delivered to the same high standard as all our other training, and you can find out more about it here.

Aspiring Leaders & Candidates

The Labour Party has said that it will be starting Parliamentary selections in certain seats in the autumn. To accomodate this, we are running single day rather that residential training for women interested in going for a seat. Residential dates later in the year will be announced at Conference in September.

We currently have two dates available:

- Sunday, 10 September, in Birmingham

- Saturday 30 September, in London

This day provides the best possible preparation  for your political future, and especially if you are considering becoming a parliamentary candidate. Find out more and apply for your place here.


Local Women's Leadership

We are currently working with partners to develop a scheme to offer leadership training to women who have been Labour councillors for at least 12 months and want to develop their political life. More details can be found here.

Labour Women's Workshops

We are currently reviewing our local training scheme, and are therefore not able to accept any requests for workshops at the moment.

Be an Accredited Trainer

Since we are reviewing our local training programme we are not currently able to accept applications for this scheme.