Caroline Penn

Beating the Greens

Emma Burnell

Blogging and Social Media

Angela Pober

Boards: Governance, Community led decision making, Governors (eg in hospitals), Trusteeship

Louise Reecejones

Carers, special educational needs, disability in politics, domestic violence

Joanne Galazka

Carers, young carers, Mental Health

Emily Warren

Childrens services, child poverty



Rachael Loftus

Community relations, football fans

Josie Cluer


Sanchia Alasia

Defeating the far right

Jacky Crawford

Early Intervention, Children's Social Care, Children's Centres

Dr Eleanor Shember-Critchley

Ethnic minority media

Katherine Cook

Families and divorce, family law, legal aid cuts

Hilary Burrage

Female genital mutilation  (I have other expertise as well, but this is the topic I'd like to focus on)

Tracey Hill

Green Party,Samaritans,China

Katie Ghose

Human rights

Purna Sen

Human rights, violence against women, the Commonwealth, international politics

Helen Jackson

Meaning of work,   Economics of caring,

Kate Fox

Mental health issues

Karen Hillier

Parenting as a lifelong value

Charmaine Morgan

Planning; Conservation - natural and built; Health (Fighting to keep your hospital services); Campaiging (General)

Sally Prentice

Public services reform; Co-operative Councils; Regeneration and Ecnomic Development

Farah Nazeer

Role of Charity/Third Sector, Campaigning for a cause,  Local Influencing

Kate Chappell

social enterprise, small business, recycling

Suzanne Richards

Social Housing, Community Radio, Fundraising, Community Engagement, Women on Boards

Emma Hoddinott

Swaziland and Southern Africa,

Roxanne Ellis


Sarah Hutchinson

Women and politics, social care policy, caring policy, gendered social policy

Josie Channer

Working Class Repesentation