Sexual Harassment Model Motion

We want as many CLPs as possible to pass this model motion and write to Jeremy Corbyn and Jennie Formby asking them to back an independent process for dealing with sexual harassment complaints, and to set out their plans for dealing with sexism in the Party.

It's simple to put a motion forward. If you’re on your GC, or if your CLP has an all-member meeting structure, then you can put the motion forward by emailing it to your CLP Secretary and asking for it to be tabled at the next meeting. If you’re not on your GC, then you can ask your Branch Secretary to table it at your next Branch meeting, then ask your Branch’s delegates to GC to take it forward. You'll probably have to make a short speech in support of it at the meeting. If you want some background information, check out our letter to Jeremy and Iain McNicol.


This CLP notes

  1. Recent reports of sexual harassment in politics, including in the Labour Party, both in Westminster and in local Parties across the country.
  2. That the Labour Party has recently updated its procedures for dealing with complaints of sexual harassment, which were emailed out to Labour Party members on 22nd January 2018.
  3. That Labour Women’s Network and Labour Too have stated that they believe these updated procedures do not go far enough, and that in particular the process needs to be fully independent.

This CLP believes

  1. That Labour is the Party of Equality, and to live up to this we must do everything we can to eliminate sexism and sexual harassment. This must include culture change, as well as impartial and robust processes.
  2. That the Party must have a process for dealing with complaints of sexual harassment that members can trust to be fair and impartial.
  3. That currently, the new sexual harassment process is not fully independent – complaints are administered by staff and decisions made by NEC and NCC members.
  4. That women may be put off coming forward with complaints if they do not trust the impartiality of the process.
  5. That the process should be fully independent, as called for by Labour Women’s Network and Labour Too.

This CLP resolves

  1. To write to Jeremy Corbyn and Jennie Formby, calling for a fully independent sexual harassment complaints process, and calling for them to set out a strategy for culture change to eliminate sexism at every level of the Party.