Labour Women in Parliament


221 women


At the 2010 election, 190 women stood as Labour candidates – 24 more than in 2005, and the most ever.

Margaret.pngThe first three Labour women MPs took their seats in 1923 – Margaret Bondfield, Dorothy Jewson and Susan Lawrence.

Since then, 221 women have been Labour MPs, including the four women who have contested and won at by-elections since the last General Election.

All of these women are listed below in order of date of first election.

Some sat for more than one term, some sat for more than one seat, and some sat for seats in which there were boundary/name changes during their terms of office; all of these things are indicated below.

The shortest-serving woman was Ruth Dalton, who kept the safe Bishop Auckland seat warm for three months following a by-election in 1929, so that her husband, Hugh, could move to it from a more marginal seat for the General Election that year.

The longest-serving woman was the late Gwyneth Dunwoody, who was the MP for Crewe and Nantwich for a total of 38 years.


221 Labour Women Members of Parliament


 Member of Parliament Constituency & Dates
 Margaret Bondfield  Northampton 1923-1924
 Wallsend 1926-1931
 Dorothy Jewson  Norwich 1923-1924
 Susan Lawrence  East Ham 1923-1924, 1926-1931
 Ellen Wilkinson  Middlesbrough East 1924-1931
 Jarrow 1935-1947
 Ruth Dalton  Bishop Auckland 1929
 Ethel Bentham  Islington East 1929-1931
 Mary Agnes Hamilton  Blackburn 1929-1931
 Cynthia Mosley  Stoke-on-Trent 1929-1931
 Marion Phillips  Sunderland 1929-1931
 Edith Picton-Turberville  The Wrekin 1929-1931
 Jennie Lee  Lanarkshire North 1929-1931
 Cannock 1945-1970
 Lucy Noel-Buxton  Norfolk North 1930-1931
 Norwich 1945-1950
 Leah Manning  Islington East 1931
 Epping 1945-1950
 Agnes Hardie  Glasgow Springburn 1937-1945
 Jennie Adamson  Dartford 1938-1946
 Edith Summerskill  Fulham West 1938-1955
 Warrington 1955-1961
 Clarice Shaw  Ayrshire & Bute 1945-1946
 Grace Colman  Tyneside 1945-1950
 Barbara Gould  Hendon North 1945-1950
 Muriel Nichol  Bradford North 1945-1950
 Florence Paton  Rushcliffe 1945-1950
 Mabel Ridealgh  Ilford North 1945-1950
 Edith Wills  Birmingham Duddeston 1945-1950
 Caroline Ganley  Battersea South 1945-1951
 Lucy Middleton  Plymouth Sutton 1945-1951
 Jean Mann  Coatbridge 1945-1950
 Coatbridge & Airdrie 1950-1959
 Alice Bacon  Leeds North East 1945-1955
 Leeds South East 1955-1970
 Bessie Braddock  Liverpool Exchange 1945-1970
 Margaret Herbison  Lanarkshire North 1945-1970
 Freda Corbet  Camberwell North West 1945-1950
 Peckham 1950-1974
 Barbara Castle  Blackburn 1945-1950
 Blackburn East 1950-1979
 Alice Cullen  Glasgow Gorbals 1948-1969
 Dorothy Rees  Barry 1950-1951
 Elaine Burton  Coventry South 1950-1959
 Eirene White  Flintshire East 1950-1970
 Lena Jeger  Holborn & St Pancras 1953-1959, 1964-1979
 Harriet Slater  Stoke-on-Trent North 1953-1966
 Joyce Butler  Wood Green 1955-1979
 Megan Lloyd George  Carmarthen 1957-1966
 Mary McAlistair  Glasgow Kelvingrove 1958-1959
 Judith Hart  Lanark 1959-1983
 Clydesdale 1983-1987
 Anne Kerr  Rochester & Chatham 1964-1970
 Margaret McKay  1964-1970
 Shirley Summerskill  Halifax 1964-1983
 Renee Short  Wolverhampton North East 1964-1987
 Shirley Williams  Hitchin 1964-1974
 Hertford & Stevenage 1974-1979
 Gwyneth Dunwoody  Crewe & Nantwich 1966-1970, 1974-2008
 Joan Lestor  Eton & Slough 1966-1983
 Eccles 1987-1997
 Doris Fisher  Birmingham Ladywood 1970-1974
 Betty Boothroyd  West Bromwich 1973-1974
 West Bromwich West 1974-2000
 Margaret Beckett  Derby South 1974-1979, 1983-present
 Millie Miller  Ilford North 1974-1977
 Maureen Colquhoun  Northampton North 1974-1979
 Helene Hayman  Welwyn & Hatfield 1974-1979
 Ann Taylor  Bolton West 1974-1983
 Dewsbury 1987-2005
 Audrey Wise  Coventry South West 1974-1987
 Preston 1987-2000
 Joan Maynard  Sheffield Brightside 1974-1987
 Jo Richardson  Barking 1974-1994
 Oonagh Macdonald  Thurrock 1976-1987
 Sheila Wright  Birmingham Handsworth 1979-1983
 Harriet Harman  Camberwell & Peckham, 1982-present
 Helen McElhone  Glasgow Queen’s Park 1982-1983
 Ann Clwyd  CynonValley 1984-present
 Lin Golding  Newcastle-under-Lyme 1986-2001
 Hilary Armstrong  Durham North West 1987-2010
 Maria Fyfe  Glasgow Maryhill 1987-2001
 Mildred Gordon  Bow & Poplar 1987-1997
 Alice Mahon  Halifax 1987-2005
 Mo Mowlan  Redcar 1987-2001
 Dawn Primarolo  Bristol South, 1987-present
 Joyce Quin  Gateshead East & Washington West 1987-2005
 Joan Ruddock  Lewisham Deptford, 1987-present
 Joan Walley  Stoke-on-Trent North, 1987-present
 Kate Hoey  Vauxhall, 1989-present
 Irene Adams  Paisley North 1990-2005
 Sylvia Heal  Halesowen & Rowley Regis, 1990-1992, 1997-2010
 Diane Abbott  Hackney North & Stoke Newington 1992-present
 Janet Anderson  Rossendale & Darwen 1992-2010
 Anne Campbell  Cambridge 1992-2005
 Ann Coffey  Stockport, 1992-present
 Jean Corston  Bristol East 1992-2005
 Angela Eagle  Wallasey, 1992-present
 Glenda Jackson  Hampstead & Highgate, 1992-2010
 Hampstead & Kilburn, 2010-present
 Helen Jackson  Sheffield Hillsborough 1992-2005
 Lynne Jones  Birmingham Selly Oak, 1992-2010
 Tessa Jowell  Dulwich & West Norwood, 1992-present
 Jane Kennedy  Liverpool Wavertree, 1992-2010
 Estelle Morris  Birmingham Yardley 1992-2005
 Bridget Prentice  Lewisham East, 1992-2010
 Rachel Squire  Dunfermerline West 1992-2005
 Barbara Roche  Hornsey & Wood Green 1992-2005
 Judith Church  Dagenham 1994-2001
 Margaret Hodge  Barking, 1994-present
 Helen Liddell  Monklands East, Airdrie & Shotts 1994-2005
 Candy Atherton  Falmouth & Camborne 1997-2005
 Charlotte Atkins  Staffordshire Moorlands 1997-2010
 Elizabeth Blackman  Erewash 1997-2010
 Hazel Blears  Salford 1997-2010
 Salford & Eccles 2010-present
 Karen Buck  Regent’s Park & Kensington North 1997-2010
 Westminster North 2010-present
 Christine Butler  Castle Point 1997-2001
 Helen Clark  Peterborough 1997-2005
 Lynda Clark  Edinburgh Pentlands 1997-2005
 Yvette Cooper  Pontefract & Castleford 1997-2010
 Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford 2010-present
 Ann Cryer  Keighley, 1997-2010
 Claire Curtis-Thomas  Crosby, 1997-2010
 Valerie Davey  Bristol West 1997-2005
 Janet Dean  Burton, 1997-2010
 Julia Drown  Swindon South 1997-2005
 Maria Eagle  Liverpool Garston, 1997-2010
 Garston & Halewood 2010-present
 Louise Ellman  LiverpoolRiverside, 1997-present
 Lorna Fitzsimons  Rochdale 1997-2005
 Caroline Flint  Don Valley, 1997-present
 Barbara Follett  Stevenage, 1997-2010
 Linda Gilroy  Plymouth Sutton, 1997-2010
 Eileen Gordon  Romford 1997-2001
 Patricia Hewitt  Leicester West, 1997-2010
 Beverley Hughes  Stretford & Urmston, 1997-2010
 Joan Humble  Blackpool North & Fleetwood 1997-2010
 Melanie Johnson  Welwyn Hatfield 1997-2005
 Fiona Jones  Newark 1997-2001
 Helen Jones  Warrington North, 1997-present
 Jenny Jones  Wolverhampton South West 1997-2001
 Sally Keeble  Northampton North, 1997-2010
 Ann Keen  Brentford & Isleworth, 1997-2010
 Ruth Kelly  Bolton West, 1997-2010
 Oona King  Bethnal Green & Bow 1997-2005
 Tess Kingham  Gloucester 1997-2001
 Jackie Lawrence  Preseli Pembrokeshire 1997-2005
 Fiona Mactaggart  Slough, 1997-present
 Judy Mallaber  AmberValley, 1997-2010
 Christine McCafferty  CalderValley, 1997-2010
 Siobhan McDonagh  Mitcham & Mordern, 1997-present
 Anne McGuire  Glasgow North, 1997-present
 Shona McIsaac  Cleethorpes, 1997-2010
 Rosemary McKenna  Cumbernauld & Kilsyth, 1997-2010
 Ann McKechin  Glasgow Maryhill, 1997-present
 Gillian Merron  Lincoln, 1997-2010
 Laura Moffatt  Crawley, 1997-2010
 Margaret Moran  Luton South, 1997-2010
 Julie Morgan  Cardiff North, 1997-2010
 Kali Mountford  ColneValley, 1997-2010
 Diana Organ  Forest of Dean 1997-2005
 Sandra Osborne  Carrick, Cumnock & Doune Valley, 1997-2010
 Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock, 2010-present
 Linda Perham  Ilford North 1997-2005
 Christine Russell  City of Chester, 1997-2010
 Joan Ryan  Enfield North, 1997-2010
 Debra Shipley  Stourbridge 1997-2005
 Angela Smith  Basildon, 1997-2010
 Geraldine Smith  Morecambe & Lunesdale, 1997-2010
 Jacqui Smith  Redditch, 1997-2010
 Helen Southworth  Warrington South, 1997-2010
 Phyllis Starkey  Milton Keynes South West, 1997-2010
 Gisela Stuart  Birmingham Edgbaston, 1997-present
 Dari Taylor  Stockton South, 1997-2010
 Claire Ward  Watford, 1997-2010
 Betty Williams  Conwy, 1997-2010
 Rosie Winterton  Doncaster Central, 1997-present
 Vera Baird  Redcar 2001-2010
 Anne Moffatt  East Lothian, 2001-2010
 Meg Munn  Sheffield Heeley, 2001-present
 Roberta Blackman-Woods  City of Durham, 2005-present
 Lyn Brown  West Ham, 2005-present
 Dawn Butler  Brent South 2005-2010
 Katy Clark  Ayrshire North & Arran 2005-present
 Rosie Cooper  Lancashire West, 2005-present
 Mary Creagh  Wakefield, 2005-present
 Natascha Engel  Derbyshire North East 2005-present
 Helen Goodman  Bishop Auckland, 2005-present
 Nia Griffith  Llanelli, 2005-present
 Meg Hillier  Hackney South & Shoreditch, 2005-present
 Sharon Hodgson  Gateshead East & Washington West 2005-2010
 Washington & Sunderland West 2010-present
 Sian James  Swansea East, 2005-present
 Diana Johnson  Hull North, 2005-present
 Barbara Keeley  Worsley, 2005-2010
 Worsley & Eccles South, 2010-present
 Kerry McCarthy  Bristol East, 2005-present
 Sarah McCarthy-Fry  Portsmouth North, 2005-2010
 Madeleine Moon  Bridgend, 2005-present
 Jessica Mordern  Newport East, 2005-present
 Linda Riordan  Halifax, 2005-present
 Alison Seabeck  Plymouth Devonport, 2005-present
 Angela Smith  Sheffield Hillsborough, 2005-2010
 Penistone & Stocksbridge, 2010-present
 Anne Snelgrove  Swindon South, 2005-2010
 Emily Thornberry  Islington South & Finsbury, 2005-present
 Kitty Ussher  Burnley, 2005-2010
 Lynda Waltho  Stourbridge, 2005-2010
 Heidi Alexander  Lewisham East, 2010-present
 Rushanara Ali  Bethnal Green & Bow, 2010-present
 Luciana Berger  Liverpool Wavertree, 2010-present
 Jenny Chapman  Darlington, 2010-present
 Stella Creasy  Walthamstow, 2010-present
 Margaret Curran  Glasgow East, 2010-present
 Gemma Doyle  Dunbartonshire West, 2010-present
 Julie Elliott  Sunderland Central, 2010-present
 Yvonne Forvargue  Makerfield, 2010-present
 Sheila Gilmour  Edinburgh East, 2010-present
 Patricia Glass  Durham North West, 2010-present
 Mary Glindon  Tyneside North, 2010-present
 Kate Green  Stretford & Urmston, 2010-present
 Lilian Greenwood  Nottingham South, 2010-present
 Julie Hilling  Bolton West, 2010-present
 Cathy Jamieson  Kilmarnock & Loudoun, 2010-present
 Susan Elan Jones  Clwyd South, 2010-present
 Liz Kendall  Leicester West, 2010-present
 Shabana Mahmood  Birmingham Ladywood, 2010-present
 Alison McGovern  Wirral South, 2010-present
 Catherine McKinnell  Newcastle upon Tyne North, 2010-present
 Lisa Nandy  Wigan, 2010-present
 Pamela Nash  Airdrie & Shotts, 2010-present
 Fiona O’Donnell  East Lothian, 2010-present
 Chi Onwurah  Newcastle upon Tyne Central, 2010-present
 Teresa Pearce  Erith & Thamesmead, 2010-present
 Bridget Phillipson  Houghton & Sunderland South, 2010-present
 Gloria de Piero  Ashfield, 2010-present
 Yasmin Qureshi  Bolton South East, 2010-present
 Rachel Reeves  Leeds West, 2010-present
 Emma Reynolds  Wolverhampton North East, 2010-present
 Valerie Vaz  Walsall South, 2010-present
Debbie Abrahams Oldham East and Saddleworth, 2011-present
Seema Malhotra Feltham and Heston, 2011-present
Lucy Powell Manchester Central, 2012-present
Sarah Champion Rotherham, 2012-present