Katie Ghose



twitter: @katieghose

I have been  a Labour party member since I was a teenager and since then always been involved in my local CLP.    

A political campaigner for over twenty years, my leadership of Age UK's campaigns and parliamentary work built up my knowledge of age discrimination, benefits and pensions issues for over 50s.  I have excellent equalities expertise, having been a Stonewall trustee; Age UK's lead on the task force that helped to create the Equality and Human Rights Commission and a former immigration barrister representing refugees.      

I am now  Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society, a national organisation campaigning for a better democracy and was Chair of the ‘Yes to AV’ referendum  campaign. 

ERS comments and campaigns on a wide range of democratic and constitutional reform issues, including votes at 16,  women in politics and House of Lords reform. Current campaigns include 'Missing Millions' which aims to expose the danger of millions of citizens losing their say at the 2015 General Election and Counting Women In, a joint initiative with other democracy and equalities groups aimed at securing equal presence and voice of women in politics.

Subjects:Democracy, Devolution, Equalities (Women), Equalities (LGBT), Equalities (Race), Equalities (Other), Media, Labour Party (AWS & Positive Action), Older People, Young People, Human Rights

Regions: East of England, London, South East