Karen Hillier

email: [email protected]

phone: 07812301440

Having worked in the health sector for twenty years; juggling this with parenthood, university and politics, Karen offers a breadth of experience and knowledge into what its like to work and also campaign hard in fighting for a quality of life that the majority of households and families hold high in value. Karen's keen interests are the effects of education and welfare upon inequalities in society. Also having an interest in Public Health and the wider determinants of such, Karen has worked across the health and care system as a change agent, enabling staff and organisations to improve public services for the benefit of patients and service users. Now furthering her political career from being a Councillor and taking on wider issues across the region, Karen is keen to share her experience and initiatives to shape the future to create better opportunities and fairness across communities.

Subjects: Childcare & Nurseries, Education (Schools), Education (Lifelong Learning), Equalities (Other), Health (Public Health & Community), Local Government & Communities (General), Labour Party (Campaigning & Campaign Strategy), Older People, Parenting as a Lifelong Value

Regions: East Midlands, London, Yorkshire & Humber