Josie Channer

email: [email protected]

phone: 07875397611

Josie worked as a Prison Officer for many years and she is now on the board of the London Probation Trust, the largest Probation Trust in England, she’s dedicated to keep our community safe and reduce crime across London.

Josie has reach out to the wider community to win support for Labour. In 2010 In Barking where Labour took back 12 council seats off the BNP she stood against racism to win her ward doubling the Laobur majority.

As a Councillor Josie has made a difference to thousands of families fighting for social mobility and social Justice. She is Chair of a Council Housings and Regeneration Committee and has protected residents against Rogue Landlords. She has also reintroduced EMA locally for the poorest young people in the borough.

As a GLA Candidate she achieved a 10% swing in Bromley & Bexley in the 2012 London Mayoral elections by fighting for the concerns of Londoners and reaching out.

Subjects: Equalities (Women), Equalities (Race), Equalities (Other), Housing & Homelessness, Identity Politics, Policing, Prisons & Probation, Working Class Representation

Regions: London