Jessica Phillips

email: [email protected]

phone: 07969264876

As a Senior manager at a Domestic and Sexual Violence Service which also runs schemes for female offenders I have a first hand real life knowledge of housing policy, benefits and welfare in action, the criminal justice system and its failings and gender inequality at its most dangerous end. As an employer of only women and offering service almost exclusiovely to women I undrstand the barriers and risks posed by the gender divide and am well versed on inequality in justice ofr victims of gendered crime, and inequality of justice handed out to female offenders.    

Further to this I am a local councillor in Birmingham, The Victims Champion for Birmingham and the Vice-Chair of the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel. I have specialist knowledge of community safety policy both locally and nationally. I sit on a number of National working groups in the field of Policing and Community Safety including the Home Office Girls and Gangs and Exploitation Forum and the Ministry of Justice Victims Commissioning Working Group. 

Subjects: Benefits & Welfare, Equalities (Women), Housing & Homelessness, Policing, Prisons & Probation

Regions: London, West Midlands