Ellie Robinson

email: [email protected]

phone: 07709786731

Ellie Robinson is a Cabinet Member in Newham. She worked for Ed Miliband as a regional campaign organiser, for Gordon Brown's private office, and more recently for Shelter, the Housing charity.

As a Councillor in East London she is passionate about how politics effects people's lives. She is interested in the role of local government, especially in ensuring people have a home they can thrive in. She founded the Residents’ Housing Scrutiny Group, and as part of Newham's Cabinet has introduced the first borough-wide landlord licensing scheme, and programme for building thousands of private rented homes for residents. 

On Newham's Cabinet she has responsibility for community affairs where we have introduced a new model to deliver services locally and build community resilience. She also has responsibility for safeguarding adults and children. 

She is experienced in running campaigns. As a regional organiser for Ed Miliband she learnt a range of innovative campaigning techniques, and has been honoured to be Vice Chair Campaigns in her CLP.

She has a masters from SOAS in Dispute and Conflict Resolution Law.


Subjects: Housing & Homelessness, Local Government & Communities (General), Labour Party (Campaigning & Campaign Strategy)

Regions: London,South East