Dr Eleanor Shember-Critchley

email: [email protected]

phone: 01457837098

Dr Eleanor Shember-Critchley recently completed her PhD entitled Ethnic Minority Radio: Interactions and Identity. This examined ethnic minority radio stations from across the UK, from public to illegal broadcasters. She worked with the staff and DJs to understand how identity and ethnicity were mediated as part of everyday life within each station and its community. Her research interests revolve around radio, its communities, audiences, identity and developing research methodologies for community media practitioners.   

In addition to lecturing in Digital Media, Eleanor is a Labour and Cooperative Party Councillor representing Mossley at Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council. She aims to raise awareness of cooperative values whilst working closely with her community to help instigate positive change.

Subjects: Equalities (Race), Identity Politics, Local Government & Communities (General), Media, Ethnic Minority Media

Regions: London, North West