Carina O'Reilly

email: [email protected]

phone: 07791 227953

twitter: @carinaoreilly

Former editor and analyst at IHS Jane’s responsible for covering political and security risk for the whole of Europe, including Turkey and the Balkans, global country risk analyst for Cambridge International Research on Current Affairs, freelance defence and security analyst, co-author of a number of books and articles on international affairs and security. Current research interests include European security and organised crime, and local policing and local governance as a PhD candidate at Anglia Ruskin University. Also local organiser for Cambridge CLP with particular expertise in strategies for combating Greens and Liberal Democrat opposition.

Subjects: Defence, Foreign Policy, Labour Party (Beating the Opposition), Labour Party (Campaigning & Campaign Strategy), Policing, Prisons & Probation

Regions: East of England, London, Wales