Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname.



Katherine Dunne has been elected unopposed.



There are two candidates for Chair of LWN. This election is a byelection and the successful candidate will be elected for a one year term.


Olivia Bailey

Vauxhall CLP

The Labour Party has made a profound difference to women's lives. That didn't happen by accident, but because of women like you. Now we need to fight to return a Labour government with women's voices at its heart.

I am a lifelong feminist and experienced Labour activist. I'm an LWN graduate, a former Chair of Labour Students and ex NUS Women's Officer. I've fought for equality as an NPF rep, a trade unionist and a by-election campaigner in seats across England, Scotland and Wales.

I've run a ground-breaking national campaign against violence against women, a UK-wide campaign against poverty pay, and I've developed a mentoring programme for young women. I have always fought inequality in the women's movement, and prioritise support for BAME, LGBT, working class and disabled women.

When Labour women work together, we change our Party. When LWN was founded, just 9% of Labour MPs were women. Now it is 33% and our Leader has pledged a 50:50 cabinet. We should be proud of how far we've come, but until we have equality we should not rest.

As Chair, I'll fight with the same determination that has defined the history of our movement - from defending All Women Shortlists nationally, to standing up for women members locally. I have the national experience, the grass roots network and the feminist track record to make a difference. I'd be honoured to have your vote.


Ella Vine

Thurrock CLP

Ella Vine is a Thurrock Labour Party activist and a former local candidate. She was a Campaigns Assistant at Southend Labour Party. She is a former three times junior Polish chess champion and a founder and Chair of Labour Friends of Poland and of EU Citizens Vote.

Ella started her journey for social justice 10 years ago as human rights campaigner and now she continues to campaign for the rights of minorities in the UK, including migrants, women and disabled people.

Apart from grassroots party political experience Ella is a competent leader with a wealth of leadership and professional fundraising and governance experience gained in the civil society sector. She has founded, led, chaired and managed over 10 charities and campaigning organisations. Ella has an excellent understanding of good and transparent governance and clear leadership skills. Ella works as a chief executive of a national healthcare charity and is a chair and a trustee of a number of other organisations. In 2013 she was chosen by Civil Society and Fundraising Magazine as one of 25 fundraisers under the age of 35. She was awarded by the Deputy Speaker of the Polish Parliament for her work for Polish communities in the UK.

Ella has a history of speaking out effectively, especially for those who are not heard. She is an excellent candidate and will make sure that the priorities of Labour Women Network are heard and taken into account right at the top of the Labour Party.


Non Portfolio

There are 4 non portfolio places available on Committee, each for a two year term.


Brigitte Anton

Northern Ireland CLP

This Labour Knitter blew in from Germany 26 years ago, and has been living, loving and labour-ing in Belfast.

I was the Labour Party in Northern Ireland's Ethnic Minority Officer for two years, and am now Vice Chair Membership. I also run our website and Social Media.

I get really fired up about inequality, the welfare reform, the sanctioning of jobseekers and homelessness.

I am an LWN Graduate and co-organised a successful Women's Conference in Belfast this year.

The skills I can bring to LWN: fighting spirit, creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, life-experience (having been both the statue and the pigeon), writing, running websites and Social Media, communicating with members, campaigning, and a quirky sense of humour. I also make a good coffee (filter, please!)

You'll find me at conference in IT fringe events, at meetings with the word creative in it, looking for an Ulster fry, dancing at Diversity Night, and of course, in Conference Hall, rattling my knitting needles.

Most likely to say: 'we may be leafleting in the rain (again), but we are still looking up at the stars!'


Bex Bailey

Dulwich and West Norwood CLP

I'm 22, I'm a proud feminist and I represent young members, students and trade unionists on Labour's National Executive Committee.

I sit on the NEC Equalities Committee and every day I get frustrated by the barriers still faced by women in our party. On the NEC I've been working hard to change our selections process to remove some of these barriers, champion all-women shortlists and prioritise women's safety. As a leader of Young Labour I have organised young women's campaign days, delivered training and introduced our first ever Young Labour Women's Conference.

I want to get more young women involved in LWN to boost their participation across our party. We need more young women standing for positions in their local parties, standing for public office and taking a lead as we approach the general election. We also need to campaign to get our excellent women PPCs elected in 2015.

If elected I will:

1. recruit more young women and students, visiting Young Labour groups and university and college clubs on behalf of LWN;
2. organise training and events for young women in conjunction with Young Labour;
3. organise LWN campaign days to support our excellent women candidates in the run-up to 2015;
4. implement a mentoring scheme for young women in the party;
5. be a strong voice for LWN members in the wider party, continuing to champion our campaigns on the NEC.

It's important to have strong representation for young women in LWN and I hope to provide that.


Ceciliah Chigwada

Bedford CLP

I have recently been nominated by my Bedford CLP as the Women's Officer. This has been due to my hard work and contribution to European Elections Campaigning and being active in all wards in their VID since joining the Labour Party. It was my idea and arranged the Historic and successful Bedford Labour Party Women's social which was applauded by both Alex Mayers MEP candidate for 2014 and Penny Fletcher the Mayoral Candidate for Bedford.

I am also the chairperson for the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group's Women's Portfolio in which I have been also commended as the hard working portfolio lead for the group. I would like to bring my skills and expertise to represent the LWN in my region and I am also committed to contributing my hard work to the group. I love working with women and their cause. I do attend meetings in the House of Commons on issues that affect women globally and their Human Rights issues.


Katie Curtis

Castle Point CLP

My name's Katie and I am a feminist and that's why I'm a member of the Labour Party and the Labour Women's Network. Fighting for women's rights is in my DNA, but I've never felt like I've needed to do that as much as I have since the Tories and Lib Dems came to power.

Since 2010 we have seen women bare the brunt of government polices; record numbers of women are being discriminated at work but can't afford the new tribunal fees, women are working harder but their wages are worth less and women are still suffering from domestic violence but funding to much needed refuges are being slashed.

So the next 8 months are crucial to make sure we see a Labour Government returned to power, it's the only way we ensure women's voices are heard again.

If elected, I will

  • Organise campaign days for LWN members to help our fantastic women parliamentary candidates
  • Organise training/events with other socialist societies to get more LGBT, BAME, disabled and young women involved.

It’s testament to the work of the Labour Women's Network that so many woman have been chosen by constituencies up and down the country but we need to widen the diversity of the women selected to include more lesbian, bisexual and trans women, BAME women, disabled women and working class women.

I believe my experience as a candidate, active trade unionist and campaigner make me ideal for a position on the LWN management board.


Anna Gelderd

Hackney north and Stoke Newington CLP

My first experience of the Houses of Parliament was watching it on T.V as my granddad yelled at John Major that he didn't represent him. He always felt let down after a damaging industrial accident and the image of him yelling at a man who couldn't hear him was in my mind when I started working for the shadow frontbench in Westminster. Here I felt, if you spoke out people might actually hear you.

That's why I want to help the Labour Women's Network speak out and be heard. I have helped the party with fundraising and I am an active campaigner. Recently I worked for Harriet Harman to create a campaigning Arts Alliance.

When I returned from an internship at the United Nations I completed a Masters course at an all female college. It was the most amazingly supportive, interesting, challenging and fun environment to be a part of.

This is the same sort of environment I see with the Labour Women's Network and I want to use my experience and skills to encourage more women who might not usually spend their time on politics to get involved.

Its fantastic that LWN runs training courses in various cities. I think greater regional involvement is needed and I would open up the space for debate by organising more informal opportunities to get members together. Rather than stand on the side-lines I want to help make change happen.


Helen Gibson

Lewisham Deptford CLP

As we come closer to the General Election it is vital that we are ready to do our utmost to secure a Labour victory in 2015. The women of Britain need a Labour Government, and Labour needs a strong women's voice at our party's heart.

As a long standing activist and founding member of Lead4Women I have the knowledge, organisational ability and dedication to play a full role on the LWN committee, ensuring we are the best we can be in this crucial period.

Labour must continue selecting women across the country to stand for Parliament and contribute to national life. I believe in an LWN which has the capacity to deliver for women with ambitions for our party, and I can be the committee member to take LWN to even greater success; training more women than ever before and ensuring our voice is heard.

As a Councillor in an inner London borough I saw first hand the devastation being brought on some of the UK's poorest women by the Government's cuts. I stood up for protecting domestic violence services from being removed, and won when tough choices were made.

My experience includes four years as a Councillor and holding the role of National Secretary of Labour Students during the last General Election. I am well organised and able to dedicate the time to the LWN committee that its members deserve. Vote for me and I will ensure a thriving organisation that puts all women first in the Labour party.


Paulina Jakubec

Bemondsey and Old Southwark CLP

My passion for gender equality and the promotion of women into positions of authority can be observed from my involvement with the Fabian Women's Network, where I sit on the Executive Committee. In this role, I run the Public Speaking Club, which works to build women's skills and confidence in public speaking. I have also been active in reaching out to younger women through the Young Fabian's Feminism Series in my capacity as the project Vice-Chair, and I aspire to enhance my capacity to empower more women by joining the LWN's executive committee. If elected, I will strive to achieve the following, in no particular order:

  • Ensure an even greater participation of women from outside of London in our activities
  • Ensure most of our events are audio/video recorded so they can benefit the greatest number of members
  • Work to reduce the cost of the Intensive Residential Course
  • Provide more training opportunities outside of this course, with particular focus on networking and mentoring
  • Foster closer coordination with similar organisations such as the FWN
  • Develop a comprehensive outreach program in order to reach out to women outside of our immediate political circle

I am fully committed to LWN's vision and ethos, and will dedicate all of my enthusiasm to serving our members and increasing the Network's positive influence.


Amy Lamè

Holborn and St Pancras CLP

As women of the Labour movement, we have power in collectivity and diversity. I want to help harness this power for LWN's prosperity.

Strengthening alliances with organisations inside and outside the Labour movement, engaging with social media and reaching out to our Labour brothers reinforce LWN's achievements and enhance its profile. I will work hard to widen LWN membership, increase participation, and a build a clear campaigning voice on issues that matter to members.

With two decades of career experience as a TV and radio broadcaster, performer and cultural entrepreneur I bring vision, collegiality, creativity and stamina. I will be a vocal and visible advocate for LWN.

My political activism , whether campaigning to abolish the death penalty as a teenager in America, Saturday morning CLP doorstepping, or raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for the Labour Party- is based on a fundamental belief in equality. I am dedicated to finding practical, inspiring ways of bringing us closer to achieving it- together.

I am a proud graduate of the LWN training course and have experienced firsthand its power to educate and encourage women in public life. I survived Nan's "MP Bootcamp"; it empowered me to formalize my political commitment and pursue Parliamentary selection. It also galvanized my belief that more women should have access to LWN's gold standard resources.

I would like to help make this- and so much more- possible by serving on the LWN committee.

I hope you will allow me the opportunity, and give me your vote.


Hina Malik

Feltham and Heston CLP

I am an active member of Labour Party, support all local and national campaigns, events and local ward committee meetings in my constituency and take active role in debates, forums relating to education, youth and women empowerment. I also, currently recruit members for Labour's Thousand Club, and host fundraisers for the party. Currently one of the directors of Labour's Friends of Pakistan group and involve in organizing a 700 people event with Mr Ed Milliband and Mrs Milliband as chief guests together with all the MP's, Lords and other community dignitaries as guests.

I am an Entrepreneur! A diverse, forward thinking, dynamic woman pioneering in PR, mainstream Asian media forum and working from educational Platforms, to UK and Pakistani Politics. I publicly manage myself in front of all Media TV, Radio to main stream lecturers, public speaking, and political debates to dignitaries. I will be able to utilise my Communication Skills and Public relations knowledge to bring this committee and role to life and take it to the next level.

My diverse ethnicity, background of Education Teaching, Qualified Teacher KS1 and KS2, Politics, Media, Event Management, Passion on Women Empowerment and Youth in the community makes me the valuable candidate for the role.

Personal Achievements:- Recognised as, The first Pakistani Female Aeronautical Engineer, (BEng in Aeronautics, Imperial College, London University). Received, The George Smith Award for an outstanding education. Published as, The Successful Personality of the Year 2013 by The Writers, London UK Magazine. Received, a Community Service Award, 2014 - for excellence in community involvement, services and achievement.

Being actively engaged in various Charities and Community Support Projects, I want to Promote and Celebrate Cultural Diversity, Equality,Social Justice and Women Empowerment, through this platform.


Mabel McKeown

Ealing Central and Acton CLP

I joined the Labour Women's Network to make the Labour Party more equal and to access LWN's signature training that has been helping Labour women get selected for 26 years. I've loved working with the committee since January as a co-opted member, supporting our fundraising so we can keep pushing for 50:50 at every level of the party.

If elected, I will work to increase our resources so we can provide training for women who are considering standing for the council, as well as host more events that bring Labour women together in all regions. In order to offer new opportunities to members I think LWN needs to employ a full-time member of staff - I would work hard to make that happen.

I love fundraising - I am the Fundraising Manager at UK Youth, a national youth charity that reaches 690,000 young people every year through youth clubs and youth work programmes. I started my career at the Labour Party working for Harman QC MP and later on the Ken for London Campaign. I went on to work at Women in the World at Newsweek and the Daily Beast in New York before returning home to the UK.

In 2012 I was a London-wide Assembly Candidate, and in 2010 I stood in the Cremorne ward by-election where I achieved a 14% swing from the Tories in Chelsea, losing by just 19 votes.

I am passionate about LWN and I'd love the opportunity to continue to grow our work as an elected committee member.


Gail Milne

Cowdenbeath CLP

As a hard-working single mother of three children, I found retaining a senior position within the long, late hours of the media industry painfully difficult.

I have witnessed how difficult it can be to achieve or maintain a position as a female in politics. Speaking fundamentally, I am deeply concerned there is a need for All Women Shortlists to be called within an equality-based UK political party. Are AWSs not an admission of deep-rooted inequality? If so, we need to investigate and explore the real background reasons which have led to the need for an AWS being imposed and understand where weaknesses lie, discuss them openly and address them together.

If it's difficult in this country to stand up and be heard, never mind influence policies, you can only imagine how difficult it is for women globally in less developed or war-torn countries. We've consumed our TV screens of late internationally, women and children suffer abominably on a comprehensive range of social, human rights and welfare injustices, but where are their own, local political voices?

What support do they need to promote their voice in view of a traditionally dominant force where there may be no probing media or non-state media to disseminate news of balance, fairness or equality? Together I hope we can develop our link-ups or create stronger local Labour women networks across more of our areas within the UK and across the wider international political field. Well respected Labour ladies have already been active in this and deserve recognition for doing so.

In 2013 I intimated to a Labour colleague my desire to instigate a local women's group to co-ordinate CLP children's Christmas parties and social activities for Labour women and youths as I believe women and children underpin our family and grassroots values which the Labour Party includes in its ethos.

Thankfully, I have decided to attempt to promote that idea (and others) far, far more widely by standing for the Labour Women's Network election. Thank you for reading.


Nicola Morrison

Berwick upon Tweed CLP

I am a woman that has been underestimated in the past. I have a wealth of experience in many areas that affect women on a daily basis. I have worked in the private sector, the public sector, schools, and post compulsory education as well with the prison service. I am also the Women's Officer for my local CLP and play an active role with our Local Campaign Forum.

As a LWN Committee member, I believe that I hold the required attributes to play an active role within the Committee. I have transferable skills that may be instrumental to the committee. I am a confident public speaker; I have studied creative writing and I am computer literate.

I have recently been appointed as an Executive Committee Member of our local Campaign Forum. My previous educational background includes a degree in Criminology and Social Policy also a PCGE (PCET) in Post Compulsory Education and Training.

As a disabled woman, a wife and a mother; my personal and professional achievements have been gained with a level of determination that may surprise many. However, this determination could also be instrumental the Labour Women's Network as I also have faith in the abilities of others. Often communities need to be enthused with a level of belief that is introduced by individuals that do not criticise. The way of thinking needs to be challenged by many, often women do not try, for fear of failing. I believe that as a committee member; I could be vital.


Kusum Parashar

Ealing Southall CLP

I'd like to stand as a voluntary member of the LWN committee. Committee positions I've held incl. Women's officer, Fundraising officer, Vice Chair of LGC, Chair of Labour Women's section, CLP branch Auditor, Local Government Committee Vice-chair and Labour Party Conference Delegate. As a result, I have a range of experience, organisational ability and the presentation skills to assist me to carry out my work for LWN. I'm passionate about Labour values, especially women's issues in the Women's section. I'm a British Indian woman, an activist and avid campaigner; a science graduate with 20 yrs of political experience. I feel women, especially women of colour and age, have been marginalised in a male dominated society that has restricted women in the political and public sphere from moving forward. We've come a long way but still have much to do. I'm grateful to LWN who have been pivotal in pushing Women's agenda in politics and also I thank Ed Miliband, a leader committed to lead the women, including older women, in our party and to our Deputy leader for bringing the equality bill in parliament. I appreciate we have more women MPs but a fairer and balanced representation of ethnic minority women in parliament as well as on the LWN committee would better reflect society and it would continue to show our genuine commitment to all women. If you select and vote for me, I'll use all my experience and skills to fulfill this role with all the passion, commitment and drive that is required and I promise to deliver.

Many Thanks.


Louise Reecejones

Birkenhead CLP

I am a committed trade unionist and a member of the regional political committee for Unite the union, I am on the national executive of disability Labour and a committed campaigner

To tell you a little about myself, I was raised in an ordinary family. I did have quite a challenging childhood my mother was in a violent relationship and our house was not a pleasant growing up environment.

I am profoundly Deaf and this comes with its own challenges, I want to champion disabled women and carers. I am a strong campaigner for equality and will bring my skills to the LWN team.

I have attended LWN training sessions including future candidate bootcamp, I learnt a lot on this training and I know I can bring a very dynamic energenic unique perspective to the committee.

My life experience is extensive, I am a survivor of domestic violence, I am a carer to disabled children, I live in social housing in a very deprived area so I understand what its like living under this tory led lib dem government more than most.

I run a community food bank with in my local community because I see the struggles ordinary people have every day.

I want your support in the election so I can put equality back on the agenda for disabled women across the uk. I won my council seat this May making a gain in Wirral West working hard to get Esther Mcvey out in 2015!


Kathryn M Salt

Bolsover CLP

I strongly believe that Women of all ages should be treated with respect and equality. Age should not be a barrier to success and achieving goals. Women should achieve parity in all walks of life and not be treated secondary or inferior. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never give it.....

I am an advanced trainer in emotional education and run many voluntary courses in order for people to unlock their true potential. I also run sessions in confidence building, how to get involved in politics from grass-roots level to parliament, and how to get selected and elected at all levels. I have recently given talks against modern day slavery and female genital mutilation.

I have been a Labour party activist for many years; setting up a Labour Party branch in my own area and running fund raising events for the branch and other branches. I also raise funds for many charities ranging from Breast Cancer Research to Ashgate Hospice.

I am an active member of the East Midlands Regional Board for the Labour Party and was elected from the Women's section. I recently helped to run the Women's conference and provided a training session.

I am hard working, an excellent listener and communicator, care passionately about women's advancement; I am a peoples person and a team player. I would be honored to be elected to the LWN and would be your voice. Thank you for your support.


Nan Sloane

Leeds North East CLP

I am standing for re-election to LWN's Committee because I want to continue contributing to the work of training Labour women for public office. Working as part of the fantastic LWN team, I want to help develop new training schemes, to find new ways of meeting the growing demand amongst women for the kind of support only LWN can offer, and to continue to run our gold-standard Parliamentary training across the country.

LWN is a unique organisation, and it has been a privilege to be part of it through the changes it has seen over the last few years. Although Labour is still way ahead of everybody else in terms of the representation of women, there is still a long way to go, and we need to do much more to make the Party at all levels a welcoming and comfortable place for women to be.

LWN has a real role to play in this, but it will not happen unless we continue to grow and develop our influence. Over a lifetime of Party membership I have played many roles, from branch secretary and campaign co-ordinator to senior councillor and Regional Director in Yorkshire & he Humber. In all of them I have tried to promote and support other women and to bring a feminist viewpoint to what is often the very masculine business of politics. I would be honoured to be re-elected to continue to do this, and I hope that you will support me.


Charlotte Smith

Barrow and Furness CLP

I am a Community Organiser with Movement for Change, working across the North West to engage people with politics on issues that are meaningful to them. I am also an NHS nurse and health visitor, and a mother to two young children.

Throughout my career I have worked with socially excluded people with the aim of changing service delivery and influencing policy to be more inclusive. A current example of this is a project I am working on in my community, where local women have successfully built a network of support to improve service delivery and responses to domestic abuse.

Working across the North West provides me with the opportunity to make relationships with people from diverse communities. My role is to engage with people and mobilise them to take action. If selected to the board of Labour Women's Network I would use these skills to recruit more members from across the North West and to raise awareness of the importance of women in the Labour Party

It angers me that in terms of political presence at all levels, women continue to be socially excluded in 2014. Although I am proud to be an active member of the Labour movement, we still have a lot of work to do to achieve 50:50 representation at all levels. There is no time to lose in this fight if we want our children to look back in disbelief at a time when women were under-represented in British politics.


Nisha Tailor

Kingston and Surbiton CLP

I believe passionately that women should be on an equal footing and at the forefront of our Party, leading the fight against inequality at the next general election and beyond. That's why I want to join the Labour Women's Network committee - to help the LWN go from strength to strength as an enabler of women in the Party, supporting those of us that want to stand for election and our essential activists and campaigners.

Over the years I have been involved in the Labour Party in different ways; I've worked in Parliament and for the Party. I've organised events for the Young Fabians and Fabian Women's Network. I've supported women in their selection attempts. Most recently I arranged an event on women in local government; giving new and experienced councillors the chance to network and exchange advice.

As a non-portfolio committee member, I want to deliver more opportunities for women to share experiences and knowledge, to encourage more women to take a leading role in our Party. I also want to ensure that the LWN has a strong voice within our Party; changing culture and practice, where it's needed.

I'm organised, committed and a do-er. I have a strong track record of delivering what is needed, whether in my professional life or for Labour Party. I'll bring to the committee my expertise in communications and project management, along with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy.


Ella Vine

Thurrock CLP

Ella Vine is a Thurrock Labour Party activist and a former local candidate. She was a Campaigns Assistant at Southend Labour Party. She is a former three times junior Polish chess champion and a founder and Chair of Labour Friends of Poland and of EU Citizens Vote.

Ella started her journey for social justice 10 years ago as human rights campaigner and now she continues to campaign for the rights of minorities in the UK, including migrants, women and disabled people.

Apart from grassroots party political experience Ella is a competent leader with a wealth of leadership and professional fundraising and governance experience gained in the civil society sector. She has founded, led, chaired and managed over 10 charities and campaigning organisations. Ella has an excellent understanding of good and transparent governance and clear leadership skills. Ella works as a chief executive of a national healthcare charity and is a chair and a trustee of a number of other organisations. In 2013 she was chosen by Civil Society and Fundraising Magazine as one of 25 fundraisers under the age of 35. She was awarded by the Deputy Speaker of the Polish Parliament for her work for Polish communities in the UK.

Ella has a history of speaking out effectively, especially for those who are not heard. She is an excellent candidate and will make sure that the priorities of Labour Women Network are heard and taken into account right at the top of the Labour Party.


Thelma Walker

Colne Valley CLP

Having recently taken part in the Aspiring Candidates training delivered by LWN, I am inspired to use my experience and skills to support other Labour women.

I am a recently retired head teacher who now runs an educational consultancy.
I am currently working with an educational trust on a through- school development, delivering 4 to 16 education.
I was Chair of Kirklees Primary Heads for 1 year and a member of Kirklees Safeguarding Board.
I was a consultant leader for Kirklees Local Education Authority for 3 years.
As a member of Colne Valley CLP I am currently Women's officer and the CLP delegate at conference in September.
I am secretary of our local branch and a member of the Local Campaign Forum.
I give several days per week to work for the Labour Party and am a committed activist.

I live on the Pennines in West Yorkshire but originate from Manchester. I divide my time between Yorkshire and London as most of my closest relatives now live in the capital. This does give me a very clear insight into the North/ South divide and the need for Labour to keep to their policy of devolution.

Being involved and making a contribution to LWN would develop my commitment to working for women across the country.


Susan Walsh

Boston and Skegness CLP

I would like to ask for your vote as I feel that I have a lot to bring to the network. I am a nurse in the NHS, and a unison shop steward, I am also a carer to my disabled husband. As a result of my various hats I have seen the huge amount of damage coalition legislation has done to our NHS, social services and women's lives. Services for carers have been decimated making life intolerable. The bedroom tax has further impacted on women's lives who make up the majority of carers in social housing. The NHS is collapsing under budget cuts or being sold of. It is only by banding together and making our collective voice heard that these injustices can be banished . Women's voices are under represented and poorly heard yet the average women is a multi skilled and versatile individual who identifies and solves a multitude of problems on a daily basis. Just what the country needs. If I am elected I promise to listen, discuss and work to meet the needs of women to the best of my ability. Women's lives will only improve if Ed moves into No 10. Two main aims, achievable if we all work together.

Thank you for your time. Sue


Vivienne Windle

Hitchin and Harpenden CLP

I want to make a contribution to an organisation which recognises that although there has been massive progress for women, that progress is more like 'snakes and ladders' than simply climbing a staircase. Time and time again we have to re-assert our experience and skills if we want to make a difference. At the moment, I am Chair of the St Albans District Association of Local Councils and attend the district council's Health and Wellbeing Partnership and Equalities and Integration Partnership on their behalf. However, in May I will be standing down as a parish councillor after 12 years and will no longer be eligible to attend either of these committees.

I am committed to practical action, not just attending meetings and talking. If elected I would expected to do a job of work to further the aims of LWN. I am particularly keen to support older women, who are doubly disadvantaged by both gender and age when seeking employment or selection.


Harriet Yeo

Ashford CLP

Having been Chair of the NEC and President of TSSA I know that there have been huge steps forward in gaining women's representation, but I also know that there is a massive way to go and I would like to use my experience to help LWN achieve this.

I started the first women's group in TSSA where we acheived 47.5% women on the EC (with 30% women members) and had the first all women delegation to Labour Party conference in the unions, and I believe the parties history (these places being won in an open ballot). To bring about such a profound change to women's representation in the union we had to change the formation our group from normal TU structures, and meet women's needs not the needs of day to day male life.

Currently, with three others, I am heading up a group to get faith based community activists into local politics, people who think politicians don't look like them.

My full time employment is small regular giving fundraising where I manage 40 people to hit high regular income targets. I also coach and train these staff writing all my own training and coaching material, enabling people to reach their maximum potential and smash their comfort zone.

I believe my experience in the party and the Trades Union movement along with my coaching and training experience would prove a valuable asset to LWN as they strive to increase the levels of women active within the parties democratic processes.