Aspiring Leaders & Candidates Residential Weekend

Our gold-standard Aspiring Leaders & Candidates Residential Weekend is back!

This intensive two day course is designed for Labour women who want to develop their leadership skills and/or may be considering representing members, Labour (and the electorate) in any of the following ways:

- in national (Westminster) or devolved parliaments and assemblies;
- as metro or executive mayors;
- as police and crime commissioners;
- in senior elected office within the Party or affiliated organisation (trade unions, etc);
- as Labour, trade union or other affiliated organisation staff.


The course will give you the best possible preparation for your political future. You will have the time and space to think about your political life (including whether or not elected office at these levels is what you really want to do), get expert advice, learn new skills, and network with other Labour women.

You can see here at what just a few of our previous graduates (including women elected at recent elections) say about us.

Places on the course are limited and the trainer/trainee ratio (usually 1:3) is very high; this is so that we can give each participant the time and attention she deserves.

Applicants are expected to have been a member of the Labour Party for at least two years, and to  have a good knowledge and experience of the Labour Party and the selection processes. If you do not meet these requirements, we would recommend attending our Foundation Day first.

Please note that the two-year membership requirement may be waived at our discretion, but you will need to make clear on the application form why we should do this.

The other requirement is that you are (and remain) a member of LWN. We are a voluntary organisation and heavily dependent on our members for our funding, so we ask that anyone who uses our services puts something back in to help other women. You can find out more about us and our work here, or just go straight to our joining page here.

This course is heavily subsidised by LWN members, as a result we are able to keep the fee for it down to just £150 for those attending.This needs to be paid at least one week before the start of of the course and includes:

  • Intensive training on the Saturday and Sunday;
  • Overnight accommodation on the Saturday night;
  • Refreshments and lunch on the Saturday and Sunday;
  • Formal dinner on the Saturday evening, often with a guest speaker;
  • Stationary and handouts;
  • Opportunities for follow-up after the weekend.


Our next two courses will be on:

27/28 May 2017 in London (application deadline 12 May)

9/10 September in Manchester (application deadline 25 August)

To apply, please complete the application form.


Please note that all our training courses are oversubscribed, and a completed application form does not guarantee a place.